Brett Wade


Thank you for checking out our website! my name is Brett Wade and I have been with Affordable Used Cars since 2008. I started working on the lot washing cars and I have gradually progressed into my current position of sales, which made it easy to learn about vehicles and how they operate. Affordable is very easy in the no hassle sales approach. We don't have to hide between the cars and jump out to see if you need any help, just call or come on in and ask us a question.

I have been in Alaska since 2001. I grew up in North Pole and don't plan on leaving anytime soon. I enjoy everything outdoors, from hunting and fishing to hiking and kayaking. With so much to see it is hard to not want to explore all of this great state! I also enjoy being active in local sports, such as softball and golf in the summer and hockey and snowboarding in the winter. That is just a little about me and what I enjoy, I hope to see you here soon and help in any way possible. thanks for reading.

- Brett Wade